The Worldwide most trustable provider of production management systems

Our mission is to become the world's most trustable provider of production management system.

       Most of our clients are medium-sized enterprises, just like all of us. Some of the companies have more global business.

       Either way, we recognize that our clients often have a big group of colleagues in IT department or computer software programming with a big great interest. Therefore, our first goal of software development is to make it easily to access and to use.

      Our ideal ERP system is to more or less invisible in the state. Each part of the business should be connecting seamlessly, to accelerate the business efficiency and to improve the performance

       This is the reason why we offer complete software and IT services. It starts from a software configuration and to ongoing sales supporting. The software had been given the customer a positive role and it helps the customers make their IT investment success.

       Many companies discuss about partnership, our partnership is to talk with the customers. This mean during the discussion will be using their own language, and to combine the business together in order to avoid the common mistakes.

       We understand in hardware industry, the customers need a lot of changes. Also, we understand the electronics industry sales forecasts are difficult to predict.

       We believe that Linkage software provides the most professional service team to be back up for designing software.

       We consider that the best way is to help the clients achieve their goals and their dreams. This is the reason why we produce the ERP, production management, cost management and become the leader.

       Linkage software systems currently operate in Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, to provide a modern business enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and IT services. More than 1,000 companies rely on Linkage software for daily operations, which can bring them clarity and efficiency.

Linkage ERP software is an expert on production management and cost management. We employ 200 employees to provide technical support across 6 districts.




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